We’re here to help in more ways than one, taking a holistic approach to marketing, customised to suit your business’s unique needs.

& Marketing Strategy

At & Conquer, we think it is impossible to overstate the importance of a good Marketing Strategy for any business – no, really!
We’re serious about strategy, developing ones that are comprehensive and will promote your brand, grow sales, effectively communicate, reach and connect with new audiences, change the world…

What’s involved:
& Marketing workshop and strategy
& Social media strategy
& Digital strategy

& Campaign Strategy

We’ll be here for you from start to finish, helping to develop clear achievable goals and providing you with a framework for execution. We invest our time and resources into every campaign we run. Our team will conduct the necessary research to immerse themselves in your brand and market, before carefully curating campaign concepts, tone of voice, messaging, and a targeted approach to reaching your desired key audiences. We consider ourselves a team of problem solvers, who approach campaigns thinking outside the box and with flexibility in mind. We’ll be here to project manage from beginning to end. We got you!

What’s involved:
& Discovery session
& Ideation
& Concept development (tone of voice, key messaging, copywriting)
& Project management
& Implementation (if required)

& Social Media

Standing out online isn’t as easy as it was in 2010… while we all long for the days of the excessive use of vintage filters, it’s paramount to the success of any business to get on the front-foot in the online social space. Lucky for you, we’re experts at that.

& Conquer boast a highly experienced team with their finger on the pulse of all things trending. Through our highly-tailored approach, we’ll ensure that your social media outreach aligns with your brand’s identity and business goals. We’re here so that you don’t need to figure out that latest TikTok dance.

What’s involved:
& Scheduling
& Project management
& Community management
& Social outreach
& Calendar management (specialising in Instagram, Facebook & LinkedIn)
& Copyrighting
& Paid advertising

& Digital

The digital space is constantly growing and ever changing and our team have their pulse on what’s hot. While we specialise in Email Marketing, we also support other digital activity to ensure your online presence is optimised for success.

What’s involved:
& Website management and optimisation
& Google ad campaigns
& SMS campaigns

& Email Marketing

Email Marketing is our jam! As it still holds up as one of the most powerful tools to help level up your business, our approach is centred around data, strategy, personalisation and creative thinking making for optimised email marketing solutions for your brand.

What’s involved:
& CRM management
& Segmentation
& Automation flows
& Design
& Copywriting
& Optimisation

& Influencer Marketing

Influencers are as the name suggests… influential.
& Conquer have established relationships with a diverse range of individuals with active, dedicated and niche social media followings. Influencers have a strong voice of authority amongst their followers, which we can utilise to grow and promote how brilliant your business is! We’ll develop a comprehensive strategy to help you tap into new markets in an authentic way.

What’s involved:
& Strategy
& Influencer research
& Budgeting and contract
& Briefing, project management
& Reporting

& Activations

We think outside the box (traditional marketing ploys, that is.)
Done well, activations can leave long-lasting impacts on your audience. The & Conquer team are highly experienced in activations for businesses in all stages of growth, from launch to renewal. We assist with developing and executing unique and highly-tailored activations that suit your business, and help you stand out from the noise.

What’s involved:
& Product development
& Brand launch
& Promotion launch